What On Earth Am I Passionate About?!

That's the question of the day folks. I think that goes back to yesterday's post of trying to find my bearings. So what the devil am I passionate about...

  • Learning to take great pictures and possibly making a living from it
  • My kiddos...we've had our moments through the years (Lord knows and please forgive us all) but I am so proud of every stinkin' one of them
  • Learning to be a more compassionate, selfless, patient, caring person
  • Living a healthy and active lifestyle (honestly need to get back on track with that one asap)
  • Writing...would love to buckle down and write that novel
  • Living in the country with no one around (is that a winning the lottery kinda thing?)
  • Encouraging others to pursue their own hopes and dreams. I'm great at being a cheerleader but rarely practice what I preach.