What Am I Up To?

Reading-nothing. I have the Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd sitting on my nightstand, both halfway finished.

Playing-caught up on life

Watching-nothing, no even caught up on my Youtube subs

Trying-to figure out Squarespace

Cooking-letting the drive thru handle that

Eating-Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip cake icing. They have finally brought it back! I am beyond excited.

Drinking-water, always water

Calling-no one unless I have to

Texting-my Mother! She now has a smartphone. I'm so proud.

Pinning-anything about photography or blogging

Tweeting-my Instagram pics and daily bible verses if they hit close to home

Going-to football games and more football games. Tomorrow spending the with the BF. So excited!

Loving-that it almost officially fall

Hating-that I haven't been out riding the motorcycle

Discovering-that I can do it!

Thinking-what the future holds

Feeling-overwhelmed with all my to dos

Hoping-life will fall into place one of these days

Listening-whatever pops up in my Amazon Prime music

Celebrating-finally getting this blog up

Smelling-fall, there's a smell I swear and it's wonderful

Ordering-seat covers for my new-to-me car

Thanking-my parents for their generosity and the BF for dealing with my crazy a$$

Considering-what to do with myself when I grow up

Starting-to have a real idea about what I want to do with this blog and myself online :)

Finishing-is anything ever finished?