Pictures in the Rain

As you may have seen Sunday I had the bright idea to go shot pictures in the rain a few days ago. If only I were able to have some of the items listed below the day would have gone somewhat smoother. Who knew there was such a thing as rain cover for your camera?! New photographer head slap moment here. Having an actual raincoat and rain boots would have been amazing as well. I took off in the pouring rain in a light weight fleece jacket and flats people, not a wise decision. Also my car was a disaster area with cameras, cords, and various bags (not meant for cameras btw) everywhere. It would have been so handy to have all my gear corralled in one spot so I could just grab it and jump out of the car. And after spending a few hours in and out of the car in the pouring rain taking pictures I was a popsicle and ready to head home and thaw out in a hot shower.

So once I was happily thawed out and snuggled up on the couch with the Boys and my laptop I began to wonder what would have made my day out shooting in the rain a tad bit more enjoyable. So listed below are some of the things I found that if you must go out in less than desirable conditions might make the experience somewhat enjoyable. I would also suggest a Starbucks run while your out and about too.

I will also add that yes I squealed when I saw the Betsy Johnson rain boots. Just ask Oztone if you don't believe me.

Rainy Fall Day

A couple of days ago there were some pictures I needed to shot. I was tired of waiting out the rain so I grabbed my camera and took off to two nearby lakes hoping for the best. I was pleasantly surprised to get some decent shots and actually had fun running around in the rain. I was gone a lot longer than expected, remembered that I did indeed have a rain jacket at home, more than ready for a hot shower when I got home, and learned that you have to just get out there and shot no matter what. Just like life not everyday is sunshine and rainbows sometimes you just have to make the most of what you've got.