This Morning

I smiled this morning because when I took #TheBoys out it finally felt like fall. The grass was covered with dew, the fog was on the hills, the sun was just starting to peek on the hill top, and the leaves are starting to fall. So after a decent night's sleep, I might've had to run outside with the camera in my robe and flip flops to get a few pics. 


I was looking through my pictures and found pics from our trip to Oklahoma for Joshua's BCT graduation. I cannot believe its already been 2 months since we were there. More importantly I can't believe I've left these pictures on my computer for that long without sharing. We had just a short while with Joshua before we had to head back home so we went sightseeing at Mt. Scott. It was 9 million degrees, I learned a lesson to always pack tennis shoes because flip flops are not meant for "rock climbing" because I slipped, busted my butt, and dinged my camera. I also had a couple of Lonesome Dove moments with the long horns.

I Love Trains

I have a soft spot for trains. I grew up in a house where almost everything revolved around "the shop" and hearing my Dad say, "I had to crawl around on another wreck today." My Dad worked for CSX for 30+ years and has countless stories to tell of co-workers and their antics that he repeats still to this day like they just happened. I distinctly remember a day when I had to tag along with my Dad for an errand to the shop and a flight of metal grate stairs that I was not going to walk on for anybody. I had to be carried and to this day I hate heights.

I remember when CSX was still Chessie System and the "Chessie Cat" is about the only cat I have an affinity for. Every year the plant would host a family picnic at the local amusement park and i was allowed to take friends and we thought we were so grown-up getting to run around the park alone, but obviously with the occasional check in. But probably the highlight of the year was when CSX would take families on a train ride to Hinton, WV. I vaguely remember the details of what we actually saw and did once we got there, the New River Gorge wasn't as awe inspiring then as it is today. I do however remember that almost every year a friend when with me, however there was 1 year she didn't and I was heart broken. 

So needless to say I love trains and they are a major fixture around my area so I took some time to visit the local train depot and snap so pictures of the good ol' Chessie caboose, Chessie cat and all.

And as I started back to my car I heard a train coming down the tracks. I jumped up on the railing and snapped as quickly as I could. While this Norfolk Southern isn't one that Dad would've "climbed around" on is does have a horse on it, which is something else I have an affinity for, and again is my Dad and Papaw Rose's fault.