4 AM Thoughts...

To know me is to know that I have trouble sleeping. There are nights when my brain just will not shut off, I just don't want to go to sleep, or there are noises that go bump in the night. Seriously the bumps in the night don't bother me, but sometimes there are noises. Here are a random selection of some of the thoughts that might go through my mind as a lay in bed, not sleeping again.

  • "Let me check Instagram on more time."
  • "I wish I had some icing."
  • "Oztone really is asleep."
  • "I have to pee but I don't wanna get up."
  • "There is an awfully lot of traffic out there for it to be 3 AM"
  • "Let's try Youtube...no new videos. Bummer."
  • "Instagram again it is."
  • "I had the best idea for a blog series, spent half the day working in it, and nothing. Grrr, grrr, and double grrr!"
  • "I have errands to do tomorrow, well now today. Ain't happening now."
  • "I really want some icing."
  • "Wonder if Starbucks is open yet?"
  • "I really need to pee but the bed is all cozy."
  • "Maybe I should try the couch. It does have magical sleeping powers..."
  • "What is that light? Oh the coffee pot kicked on. Officially another night gone."
  • "Heck with it! I'm up..."