I Love Magazines

I have a love/hate relationship with magazines. I love to sit with a huge stack and flip through the pages and naturally fall in love with the most expensive item on every page. I hate that magazines cost a small fortune, are now almost completely filled with advertisements, and that I unfortunately get bored with them too quickly and end up tossing them. I have a vast range of interests too which makes magazine shopping and buying even more difficult. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite magazines and a brief  description of why I like them. If I can I'll include a link so you can enjoy them yourself. Happy reading!


Click As someone relatively new to photography this magazine is full of info for the novice as well as experienced photographers. Published bimonthly with both a hard copy and digital versions available. Currently the only magazine I am subscribed to, pricey but I love it.

Artful Blogging This one is multipurpose for me with camera and blogging tips.

Popular Photography Good tips along with camera and equipment reviews.



Cottage Journal This magazine was a recent discovery and I absolutely loved looking at the homes in this beautiful magazine. Published quarterly with occasional special issues.



InStyle One of the few fashion magazines that still holds my attention.

Lucky Still a favorite but honestly no where near as good as it used to be.


Running & Fitness

Runner's World When I began my running journey and needed tips on anything from how to breath properly, which shoes were right for me, to all the latest and greatest running gear this magazine has it all. Who knew running was so complicated?!

Women's Running This magazine is a lot like Runner's World just on a smaller scale and geared only towards women filled with motivational and inspirational stories. They also feature a running/ fitness blogger each issue.

Backpacker I have extremely high ambitions of hiking the AT and/or the PCT one day...


Everything Else...

Pinterest For almost anything and everything you can imagine from fashion ideas, recipes, photography tips & ideas, craft ideas, decorating, health & fitness tips anything you can possibly imagine you will most likely find on Pinterest.