Blogging Coffee Date

What have a learned after a month of blogging? I have learned this a whole lot harder than and I ever imagined. I cheated a whole bunch and followed Bailey Jean's Blog-tember Challenge and loved every...well almost every prompt. Some days I was able to write about the given topic without a second thought and then there were even more days when I would sit and stare at this computer screen for hours. Kinda like I am now. 

I have to say that I was extremely nervous about what I wrote some days. I have never been one to communicate well. Keeping all of  my hopes and dreams, anger and frustration, and wants and needs inside bottled up only for me deal with and never allowing anyone a peek inside. So by following this blog challenge some of the prompts I had to let my guard down and say what I really felt. It was a lot like setting out a big red flag in the middle of the road and peeking around the corner to see if anyone was looking. That indeed has been the hardest because the people who are looking are those closest to me so to write some of the things I have and know they are going to read it is a whole lotta scary.

I have given blogging a couple of goes over the years which ended in major failures. Now seemed to be the right time to give it another go and I have to say its going well. I have so many things I'd love to incorporate into this blog that I have spent the past month neglecting. Now is the time to not worry about whether or not there is a post every single day (even though that would be wonderful), take my cameras out and start shooting, get the sewing machine humming and see what's in store for the lil cottage next.

I think I am going to take Bailey's advice and grab that cup of coffee (I'm running on very little sleep folks), take a few moments for myself , and enjoy the fact that I made it through my first month (again and hopefully there will never be another) blogging.