I Love Trains

I have a soft spot for trains. I grew up in a house where almost everything revolved around "the shop" and hearing my Dad say, "I had to crawl around on another wreck today." My Dad worked for CSX for 30+ years and has countless stories to tell of co-workers and their antics that he repeats still to this day like they just happened. I distinctly remember a day when I had to tag along with my Dad for an errand to the shop and a flight of metal grate stairs that I was not going to walk on for anybody. I had to be carried and to this day I hate heights.

I remember when CSX was still Chessie System and the "Chessie Cat" is about the only cat I have an affinity for. Every year the plant would host a family picnic at the local amusement park and i was allowed to take friends and we thought we were so grown-up getting to run around the park alone, but obviously with the occasional check in. But probably the highlight of the year was when CSX would take families on a train ride to Hinton, WV. I vaguely remember the details of what we actually saw and did once we got there, the New River Gorge wasn't as awe inspiring then as it is today. I do however remember that almost every year a friend when with me, however there was 1 year she didn't and I was heart broken. 

So needless to say I love trains and they are a major fixture around my area so I took some time to visit the local train depot and snap so pictures of the good ol' Chessie caboose, Chessie cat and all.

And as I started back to my car I heard a train coming down the tracks. I jumped up on the railing and snapped as quickly as I could. While this Norfolk Southern isn't one that Dad would've "climbed around" on is does have a horse on it, which is something else I have an affinity for, and again is my Dad and Papaw Rose's fault.