What's In My Bag?

I am one of those girls who is always on the look out for a cute, new purse. So when it came time to begin the search for a new camera bag I knew it was going to difficult. Most "designer" camera bags which look like actual purses are well out of my price range. So what was I to do to be able to carry around my cameras? I went to Marshall's repeated, hit up TJ Maxx a time or two, and of course had to check out Amazon just because. I finally decided on the Betsy Johnson tote from TJ Maxx and a Koolerton Camera Bag Insert (and it came in RED!). 

This combination easily handles my Fujifilm sw9400, but when you add another camera, lens, and the rest of my misc. stuff it can get quite a bit heavy. So I guess the search will just have to continue until I find a perfect camera bag that I can call "The One."

The basic stuff I carry around on a regular basis:

  • Black Vera Bradley zip wallet
  • Random assortment of keys, half of which are never used on a regular basis
  • Old Excedrin bottle with random OTC meds ( I have fantastic headaches folks)
  • Sunglasses, down to my last pair...
  • Small pack tissues
  • Almost empty tube of hand lotion
  • Black zipper pouch for unmentionables
  • Pink Sugar roller ball
  • Cosmetic mirror in case someone needs to check their contacts ;)
  • Bottle of eye drops (that do not work with said contacts...)
  • Ticket stubs from the high school football games which double as Wendy's coupons
  • Revlon lip butter in Creme Brulee
  • Avon Dew Kisses lip gloss (I have quite the stockpile of this stuff)
  • Random caramel creme wrapper, silica packet, and car charger
  • Small notebook and pen
  • Small red zipper pouch with extra camera batteries