No Worries

Check me out I am actually up and wake before the alarm went off this morning. Perhaps it’s only because I was about to pee or perhaps it was because I’m excited that I have made plans for myself to actually get out of the house and I’m having a “Me Day.” I dunno… I think I just had to go to the bathroom.

If you haven’t figured me out by now from my posts or my vlogs I’m not the happiest go luckiest person around. I picked up the camera yesterday to vlog and it turned into a sob fest. Oops sorry people! No wait a minute I’m not supposed to say “I’m sorry” for every little thing. Truth is a have more bad days than good and sometimes they result in a good cry. There that’s better and no apologizes for it.

Why does everyone feel they have to make apologies for everything little thing they say or do? Today’s society has become so worried about offending others so much that we are making everything politically correct, keeping our thoughts and opinions to ourselves, and making a fuss over red cups. However, I have to admit I was a tad bit upset over the #redcup issue until I looked into it myself and all the info I personally found made it a nonissue for me. So thank goodness I can still go to Starbucks!

I’m trying to say go about your life without making too many apologizes for yourself (except when called for) and never be afraid to say what you have to say. So I’m going to go out today and brave the scary big world and its people today. Wish me luck because I’m sure I’ll look at someone the wrong way, yell at someone in traffic, or want to run someone down with a shopping cart. Or maybe I’ll strike up a conversation with a complete stranger while waiting in line or going through the racks at a store. Those are some of the best conversations. Wish me luck!