December is Here! Help Me Please!!!

Hello again! It's been a bit since we've seen each other hasn't it. How have you been doing? Me, you might ask. Don't just don't, you don't wanna go there. I've been having some major pity parties and poor pitiful me moments you don't want to know about I promise. But I've taken a deep breath and I'm trying to regroup and at least get through December because its going to be a doozy. Plus as they say "fake it until you make." I have a lot of fakin' to do.

So on a lighter note I have spent the morning working on an editorial calendar for December. I had papers with blog and photo ideas spend out all over this table, and it's a big a$$ table, trying to figure out what on Earth to write about and what to take a picture of. I realize it's probably a cop out to go about blogging this way but sometimes, ok most of the time, I need a helping hand so I hit up the good ol' internet for inspiration. So between the many lists I have narrowed my options and hopefully I can come up with something somewhat entertaining, amusing, or just flat out boring for you to read. I guess you all will have to make that call and either check back, or not.

To get going with the "Merry Christmas, present buying, bah humbugging (that's me), tree decorating, cookie baking, too much food eating, and wrapping paper flying month of December I thought (or someone else thought more accurately) I would show you the last few random pictures on my phone. 

This children could probably survive on pickles and Pepsi.

I dumped my entire drawer of Brighton jewelry while getting ready for Turkey Day. The jewelry armoire used to set over a heating return...notice I said used to. So my first order of business upon returning home was to put on a glove and feel around for missing beads then get my phone and take flash pics to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

A hurried pic of my pitiful Christmas tree because a friend insisted on seeing it.

We were all piled up on the couch for awhile Sunday afternoon, kids and dogs were everywhere.

Ben is the sweetest cuddle buddy lately.