Pictures in the Rain

As you may have seen Sunday I had the bright idea to go shot pictures in the rain a few days ago. If only I were able to have some of the items listed below the day would have gone somewhat smoother. Who knew there was such a thing as rain cover for your camera?! New photographer head slap moment here. Having an actual raincoat and rain boots would have been amazing as well. I took off in the pouring rain in a light weight fleece jacket and flats people, not a wise decision. Also my car was a disaster area with cameras, cords, and various bags (not meant for cameras btw) everywhere. It would have been so handy to have all my gear corralled in one spot so I could just grab it and jump out of the car. And after spending a few hours in and out of the car in the pouring rain taking pictures I was a popsicle and ready to head home and thaw out in a hot shower.

So once I was happily thawed out and snuggled up on the couch with the Boys and my laptop I began to wonder what would have made my day out shooting in the rain a tad bit more enjoyable. So listed below are some of the things I found that if you must go out in less than desirable conditions might make the experience somewhat enjoyable. I would also suggest a Starbucks run while your out and about too.

I will also add that yes I squealed when I saw the Betsy Johnson rain boots. Just ask Oztone if you don't believe me.