My Wish List

Oh the wants of a broke girl...where to begin? I ALWAYS dread Christmases and birthdays when the questions of "What do you want?" start. I absolutely hate having to give an answer because 1. I hate having to ask for anything, 2. I realize that my wants are a bit extreme, and 3. in my "perfect world" I would just be able to get this stuff myself. So the conversation usually goes a bit like this; someone asks, "What do you want for your birthday?" Me, "Oh I don't know..." When inside I'm hoping and praying they will actually looked at, and more importantly paid attention to my Pinterest wishlist.

  • Lots and lots of cameras even though I know I can only use one at a time
  • As we discussed yesterday more and more books than I'll probably ever read
  • Clothes I have no use for and that probably wouldn't fit the week after I bought them
  • A particular little yellow house with a big yard
  • A big girl bike that if I ever laid it down I know I'd never be able to pick up on my own

I'm sure there are many other things that I will think of as soon as I hit the save button. or maybe it's just easier to say that's all I can really think of for now...