My TBR List

My To Be Read list is ridiculous and continues to go almost daily. There is a shelf on my bookcase double stacked with books I've bought with extremely good intentions of reading but then never get around to actually picking them up. I blame BookTube, Half Price Books, Amazon recommendations (pure evil), and the occasional score at Goodwill. I have tried to make myself stop buying books as often and only keep those which mean the most to me. I have a box full of books sitting in my kitchen to get rid of but I just haven't quite been able to make myself part with them yet.

Many times I have fallen into the trap of "oh So and So says this book is great so I better buy it and read it too." Well I either buy it and it sits there forever, or I buy it and start reading it and think "Why on Earth am I torturing myself reading this horrible book?!"  I am also great at reading only half of a book then putting it down for weeks or months before I finish it or most likely never going back to it at all. I have two books, halfway finished, that have been living on my nightstand for weeks now. I obviously see them everyday but do I pick them up to finish them....nope. I know a friend and relative that would hurt me if they knew I STILL hadn't finished one of these books.

Feel free to take a peek at my TBR list to see if you've read any of these books or leave me a comment telling me what you've read lately.