My Day In Photos

Today's #blogtember challenge was to take a photo an hour throughout your day. I only used my smartphone and some pics are better that others. Here is a brief look of my Friday, which is also my busiest day of the week.

8 AM Heading to the doctor for prenatal checkup and anatomy scan.

9 AM Austin watching his Baby Boy.

10 AM More blood work...

11 AM Lunchtime!

12 PM Errand time

1 PM I was in the store and to worried about survival to take any pics.

2 PM Grocery run complete.

3 PM Taking a break on the couch with #TheBoys.

4 PM The pups and I halfway took a nap.

5 PM Time to get ready for the game.

6 PM One more errand.

7 PM Game time!

8 PM I haven't gotten popcorn at a game in years.

9 PM The band cleared out early because half of them were sick from the heat.

10 PM Aftermath of a long day.