Living Room Tour

Since moving last May we are still in a state of getting settled, or at least I am. Now add in we have a new little one on the way it seems pointless to worry about having everything matchy-matchy and perfect right now. All of our furniture, dishes, and pretty much everything in this house is a hodge podge of mine, yours, and theirs and I have absolutely no problem with that what so ever. It's more about where we are and the new memories to come.

So today I thought I would share with you the room I spend the majority of my time in which is the living room. Bedrooms will be getting rearranged and we need one more space cleared out before I can set up a new desk area. So until then in the living room I shall stay.

Yes I have a sheet for a curtain because I'm so dang indecisive I can't find anything I like. I rarely if ever get the couch to myself, even though there is another one AND two chairs. Eli and Ben ALWAYS have to pile up on top of me.

Cards from Austin's birthday.

Where the pups temporarily live.

The girls did well for my birthday. They unknowingly picked some of the exact Pioneer Woman items I wanted.

My temporary desk set up at my dining table (which is my pride and joy). I'm a bit nuts over this table.

I normally hate things sitting out like this but as of late that's just how it is. Stack of magazines from my mom I need to look through, book I loved so much I don't want to put it up, another book I need to finish, a mini rose from my Mom to officially start my Red Rose Cottage, and my phone has to be close...(note the green light fully lit).

View from the side window. I can not wait to one day fix up the "Lil House" and make it my own personal space.