It Was a Good Day


  • I finally graduated from college (it took a million years)
  • Sarah Emily marched for the first time in the band right behind her big brother (awww moment)
  • Tyler graduated from Army BCT (thank goodness moment)
  • I got my first teaching job (thought I'd finally got somewhere, but no...)
  • Picked up a camera AND asked for help on how to use it (still have a long way to go)
  • I saw Gone Girl (didn't care for the movie but the company was great)
  • Mary was finally able to start cheer-leading (she had asked for years and we never could get it situated)
  • Also when I saw Joshua Ryan graduate from high school and Army BCT (he followed through with his plans)
  • I brought #The Boys home (never thought I'd have Yorkies let alone 2)
  • I bought my motorcycle (I'd wanted my own for years)
  • I ran my first 5K (no PRs were set but I had registered for a "real" run)
  • And ran my first 1/2 Marathon (what was I thinking?!)
  • Got off my butt and started this blog (I have put this off for far too long)