Currently I'm...

Reading... East of Eden by Steinbeck, roughly 100 pages to go.
Playing... chauffer on Friday nights to get my drummer girls to the school/bus on time.
Watching... need to catch up on Once Upon a Time.
Trying... to learn my dang camera.
Cooking... not much, no one will tell me what they will eat…

Eating... junk and more junk. I have been horrible lately.
Drinking... always have water with me.
Calling... no one unless I have to.
Texting... usually always Patty and Sue.
Pinning... usually photo ideas but I’m trying to chill a bit on pinning every lil thing.
Tweeting... just automatic blog posting alerts.
Going... to high school football games to watch my girls in the marching band.
Loving... that it’s getting closer to Fall.
Hating... my lack of energy and motivation to get with the program.

Discovering... I have wasted a whole lot of time over the years.
Thinking... I should make up for lost time but that’s a major project.
Feeling... tired, always tired. I’m over it.
Hoping (for)... my stars to align. Maybe I’m in the wrong galaxy or something.
Listening (to)... whatever the girls put in my cd player in the car. I think Adele, Fall Out Boy, and Alan Jackson is in there.
Smelling... stinky pups. They’re in need of yet another bath and haircut bad.
Thanking... Austin for putting with my crazy butt.
Considering... what on Earth to do with myself these days.
Starting... to think of baby quilt and blanket ideas for lil man.
Finishing... not much. I’d love to cross off my entire to-do list in one day.