Be Creative

I am the person who has cleared out the clearance yarn and fabric remnant bin at craft stores just because I thought the yarn felt "yummy" or the fabric was cute. No I had no idea how I'm going to use it or when. I have several hobbies or crafty things I love to do from sewing and quilting, paper crafts like scrap-booking and journaling, and crochet and cross-stitching. Still would love to tackle knitting one day. I have storage totes filled with an abundance of supplies for almost any project at any given time. The sad thing is that life has been happened the past several years and many projects or ideas have fallen by the way side. However, the storage totes and random boxes continue to follow me through every move because I just can't bear to part with any of it.

However I refuse to take full responsibility for my actions and have all of the women in my family to blame for contributing to my creative addictions over the years. Every one of these women has their own unique talent and have always been willing to help me in some way; from sending leftover material and sewing machines, to cross-stitch floss and fabric, or sewing my clothes when I was a little girl. I have quilts made for me by my Grandma Dennison, cross-stitched pillows from my Aunt Linda, very fond memories of a blue dress with ruffles my mother made when I was in elementary school and I thought I was Laura Ingalls every time I wore it,  a desk that held my Grandma Rose's sewing machine, to the sewing machine handed down to me from my Aunt Sis who taught herself how to sew as a young girl out of necessity.

Myself I have taken on countless projects some good, some not so good, and many failed attempts all together. My own children and family members have received quilts and crocheted throws. My daughters have been adorned in dresses and crocheted hats. Countless cross-stitch samplers have been stitched into the wee hours of the morning to be given as gifts for birthdays, Christmases, weddings, or anniversaries. Looking back on some of these projects I cringe and want to take them back and hide them. Others I am quite happy with how they turned out and I hope they become treasured family keepsakes just like many of the items I hold near and dear to my own heart.

Take a peek at some of my treasured possessions and my own creations below.