A Weekend Off

After 2-3 months of going to football games to watch marching bands and cheerleaders it was nice to finally have a break.

I picked up the girls after school Friday afternoon and our first stop was the grocery store. They had free reign to get pretty much whatever they wanted and I cringed a bit when I saw a grocery cart full of cheese puffs, ice cream bars, microwave mac n' cheese, and Lunchables. But I only have myself to blame because I'm the one that said, "We're here for you two not me..." After a grocery run I refuse to go home and cook so a drive thru trip was in order. I had a fairly good idea what the girls would choose and sure enough Chick-fil-A it was. It's one of their favorites but they rarely are able to get it unless they are with me or the Gran. We finally made it home, put what groceries had to be put up away then devoured our food while we talked about their brother, marching band drama, and random others topics.

Saturday was a whole lotta a nothingness and it was wonderful. We all slept in. I even got up let the Boys out and them put them in bed with me to get some more sleep. I was about to wake the girls up for any reason because I know they were/are exhausted and needed the rest. I have no idea what time it was when everyone regained consciousness and began to somewhat function. I think I only left the house to run to the nearby convenience store for a bag of ice. We spent the day computing, playing with makeup, Netflixing, getting caught up on our YouTube videos, and cuddling puppies.

The most surprising, well one of the most, that happened was that the girls actually agreed on what to have for dinner and I cooked. I know. I know. A rare event folks but it did happen and I took pictures to prove it. I thought Sarah was going to take all the succotash with her first go round but we made it through dinner. And again it was another dinner of laughing and giggling, lingering around the table just hanging out and having actual conversations, or just listening to what they had or needed to say.

I enjoy my time alone probably a little bit too much at times but it was nice to have a relaxing weekend of doing a whole lot of nothing with my girls not having to worry about anything. I may be in for quite a shock during the holidays if I have a house full of people but I'll deal with that when the times comes and I'm honestly looking forward to it a bit if it actually happens.